About E & I People Solutions

Putting Your People First

We genuinely believe that your people are your biggest asset. With the right infrastructure and support, they can achieve amazing results for your business and help drive your brand to even greater success.

We know that there are days when the operations of your business take priority and the focus on your people takes a back-seat. But managing your people well shouldn’t be hard work so we aim for our solutions to be embedded in your culture so they become ingrained in the way you work.

We’re all about creating simple solutions to help bring out the best in your people and create environments where people love to work – it’s what we love to do!

Our background is in HR (particularly Retail HR) and between us we have over 20 years’ experience in all things PEOPLE! We’re all about empowering you and your team and working with you to develop solutions that are worth investing in.

Our Tailored Approach

Although we love cookies (!), we’re not big fans of cookie-cutter solutions. We understand that each business and brand is unique and that you work hard to find that little (or big) something that sets you apart. Our solutions are committed to embracing your ‘uniqueness’ and making sure that what we deliver is completely, 100% relevant to you, your team and your business.